You've just stumbled upon my magnificent page!

You've just stumbled upon my magnificent page!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A new blogger!

Welcome to my blog!

 I've made this blog so that i can:
  • 1: Make pocket change
  • 2: Have some new friends
  • 3: Vent about morons!
 I thank you for visiting and hope you follow me, as of now this blog is LIVE!

At my school, We have a web filter called M86 This blocks most sites from me, though proxies are a Definite Fix, i am lazy, so while searching for any notepad files i fell upon a GREAT file, this file contained ALL of the students log in numbers, passwords and lunch card numbers, so i hastily printed it and saved it three ways, though I've not been caught yet, I'm afraid it will happen soon, more info eventually.